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What are the types of Agile Development?

Agile software development is a type of software development in which you and your development team focus on a tangible and usable output you produce.

Agile development focuses on flexibility and changing direction whenever needed, as long as it benefits the end customer! It is not just a list of technologies, tools, and techniques instead it’s an idea that brings together people and focuses on their interactions to achieve the goal.

Types of Agile Development:

Agile is a culture and value-based approach. The process relies on having a qualified, educated, and trained team with good interpersonal skills.

Agile is great for those who want to work in teams to help deliver quality products and services quickly. While ensuring that you’re satisfying customers’ needs with the products and services.

Agile incorporates processes that assist in providing fast and flexible responses.

To start with Agile, you should know its different approaches and methods. There are four main types of agile development;


Kanban is a way of working in an agile approach. And it’s an iterative development method that a lot of organizations and teams are implementing in their projects.

The key to the success of any Kanban approach is transparency & openness with the end-users. This ensures they know what your team is working on. And what is your progress toward the product’s delivery meets their needs.


Scrum is a term used in the agile software industry to describe a set of principles for developing. It is also helpful for maintaining products, based on various experiences from the development of complex products.

The idea behind the Scrum methodology is to maintain focus on a goal. Scrum is a framework that relies on a small team of people who works as a cross-functional unit to achieve a common goal.


Crystal is a lightweight approach to agile software development. This is an effective way of documenting your software development. With the ability to ‘adjust’ on the fly, this allows you to produce software that is not only done on time, but also on budget.

Crystal has less documentation and project review overhead. It doesn’t have a set of rules or any approach to follow. This method depends on many factors, which are categorized by several different colors.


Lean is a software development framework that enables organizations to increase their ability to adapt to change. It helps to determine the most efficient ways to deliver value to customers.

The Lean Software Development Framework is a systematic and disciplined, team-based approach to the practice of software development. This is also very useful in identifies and eliminates waste in the development, delivery, and support of software.

This framework can help you deliver better, more timely IT services at a lower cost. In short, it is a set of methods and practices that strives to eliminate waste in any organizational process.



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