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Neatro Review – A simple yet powerful Online Retrospective tool

What is Neatro?

Neatro (www.neatro.io) is a remote Agile Retrospective tool. Targeting Agile Team facilitators (Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches) or managers (Team Leads or Project Managers) with a promise of helping in actionable outcome definition.

With a range of predefined retrospective formats, Neatro is built to save time for facilitators and increase the efficiency of remote or on-premise team retrospectives.

It’s built as a responsive web application, therefore, enabling tool usage not only on your desktop but also on mobile devices.

Key Features of Neatro

Neatro is a single purpose tool and you can tell that by the amount of very specific Retrospective platform features

These main selling features are:

Retrospective templates

Neatro has invested in providing some of the most popular retrospective templates out of the box. They are conveniently placed in the dashboard and a new retrospective can be scheduled with one of the templates in a matter of few clicks.

Some of these templates are bundled with a blog article written by Neatro that explains the retrospective format and gives you tips on executing it well.

Here are some that I personally enjoyed:

Action items and Action Reminders

Action items and Action item reminders is one of the core features of Neatro. A typical workflow would look like:

  1. During the retrospective – the action item is defined
  2. Each action item has an assignee – one of your teammates
  3. Action items are visible in the dashboard and you have the ability to set the status of each To Do, In Progress, and Done
  4. You get reminded if a new retrospective is started but some of the defined action items are not yet Done

This action item integration in all of the retrospective steps is what makes Neatro so result-oriented.

Export to Jira

This is a simple but useful one if you are using Atlassian Jira. Items can be exported to Jira. This way not confusing your team with multiple issue trackers.

This also allows incorporating the action items in your already defined agile workflow

Groups and Topics

Groups – is a feature and process of grouping several comment and feedback cards into a single one!

This is also a great indication of how noticeable and popular a certain item is.

Topics – is a feature that can help you to look not only at the problem in front of you but also the problematic trends that exist in your team.

As an example, these were some of the most frequent trends I and my team were dealing with – QA integration, Requirement Gathering and Release Frequency.

Team Radar

I a few words – Team’s Radar is your teams health indicator.

Health feedback is collected by sending out a form to your teammates. In this form, each teammate can rate the 10 Team dimensions on a scale from 1 to 5.

The dimensions are:

  1. Mission
  2. Ownership
  3. Value
  4. Speed
  5. Process
  6. Roles
  7. Collaboration
  8. Resources
  9. Fun
  10. Learning

Results are then collected and visualized allowing you to identify issues with a single glance.

There’s also a status indicator that turns green when feedback is received from a certain team member – No more running around and asking “Did you all fill out the form?”

Radar feedback can be requested spontaneously or you can position this as one of sprint routine tasks, this way keeping a pulse on your team’s health. And collecting regular data about your team’s health.


Neatro offers three price tiers:

  • 1 Team – 20$ per team
  • 2 – 3 Teams – Save 10%. 18$ per team (instead of 20$)
  • 4 – 8 Teams – Save 15%. 17$ per team (instead of 20$)

Compared to other alternatives, Neatro is expensive.

Most of the competition offers a starting package (with cut down features) without any monthly fee.

What I Like and Dislike


  • Retrospectives start with an overview of unfinished action items from previous retrospectives
  • Ability to import action items in Jira as tickets
  • Ability to choose whether you want to submit feedback anonymously or using your name.
  • The retrospective report can be saved, accessed with a link, or exported as a PDF


  • Responsive Mobile version of Neatro could be improved, specifically, board view is clumsy
  • Retrospective reminder email templates are too plain
  • Cost more than average competition
  • Sometimes the vote count does not reflect actual votes remaining. The vote counter is buggy and resulted in me manually counting members and their votes several times


Neatro is a great example of a single-purpose tool – Online Retrospectives.

It has a wide variety of features that allows you to schedule and start retrospectives with just a few clicks.

Neatro is an action item focused retrospective tool, which helps with defining and afterward staying on top of your defined assignments.

Retrospective facilitation and actionable outcome definition is easy and compared to more traditional approaches like a whiteboard with sticky notes it can save you and your team some of that precious development time.



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