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Agile Product Owner: Skills Required and Responsibilities

Agile Product Owner is the most customer oriented role in an agile scrum team. And within the Scrum team context, the Agile Product Owner has some clear and often misunderstood functions that need to be fulfilled for a successful product or project.

We often see that many scrum teams struggle with the responsibilities and skills of Agile Product Owner ue to the fact that the range of different responsibilities is very vast, and more often than not require great multitasking skills for the selected individuals

What is an Agile Product Owner?

Agile Product Owner is a role in the agile product development process. The agile team naturally needs someone with the skills and training to analyze requirements, collect feedback, and set milestones to successfully deliver a product or project.

In business, a product owner is someone who owns and controls a set of products or data sets. An agile product owner is different from a regular product owner. He or she handles the iterative development of products rather than committing to a set-in-stone deliverable and product release cycle

He is a person who creates a product vision and communicates it t the team and organisation.

An agile product owner is sometimes known as an agile warrior. He is a leader who advocates for high quality and achievable milestones that satisfy not only the end customers but any involved party.


An agile product owner is a person who creates and maintains the user stories in the product backlog and keeps it up to date with regular prioritization and definition iterations. He has some loose ends he needs to tie up before he can declare a release candidate for the next release. Before he can do that, he needs to do some preliminary work to ensure that the release is shippable and satisfies a certain end-user need.

Typically, He is responsible for prioritizing features and structuring milestones.

Here are some of the main responsibilities of product owner that include:

  • Develop and maintain the product backlog
  • Visualize the direction of the product
  • Collect and process end user feedback
  • Set the vision and direction of the product
  • Find out the velocity and capacity of the team
  • Defining success with non-functional requirements
  • Prioritizing and specifying stories and epics.
  • Planning sprints and releases.
  • Acting as a proxy for the customer to help make decisions.

He is the one who jump into the fray to help solve problems, drive change and build momentum for new projects or iteration.

As the name suggests, he is an owner of a certain product or project which comes with a certain responsibility for the project’s success and general direction.



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