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Agile Product Manager: Responsibilities and Skills Required

Are you confused about what is an Agile product manager and what are his or her responsibilities? If so, this is the best blog post to spend time on.

Here, we’ll discuss the responsibilities and challenges of this position as well discuss the skills that are needed to be a successful agile Product Manager.

It’s no secret Agile Product Manager has become one of the most sought-after tech jobs in the tech field, software development in particular due to the impact you can leave on a product or project.

What is an agile product manager?

An agile product manager sets the product strategies and creates roadmaps in an agile environment. He values feedback, transparency, and has full ownership of the product.

In agile environment, a PM needs to consider numerous approaches while prioritizing the strategies that will help create the best product. He lays out the strategies and sets the goals and timelines for agile teams.

An agile product manager plays a vital role in a project environment. He also plays a significant role where the emphasis is placed on delivering products to the market faster.

In order to do this, product managers have to have a deep understanding of the business areas and their target market/customers. He also ensures that project or product teams stay focused on providing value to end customers


A product manager’s role in the agile development process is not only to make the end product successful but also to do it in a way that aligns product success with shareholder expectation, time to market requirements and available resources.

The agile product manager also handles product success through the aggressive use of agile methods. He sets the product strategies and creates product roadmaps in an agile environment.

There are many product managers out there who are facing different challenges in their work. There are also many people who are aspiring to be product managers.

There’s an increasing amount of Agile Product Manager positions for professionals at all levels in the project field.

Usually, in a typical day an agile PM usually responsible to;

  • Build features that users want.
  • Creating the long-term vision for the team.
  • Devise suitable agile sprint framework.
  • Keeping track of end-to-end requirements.
  • Keeping everyone focused on achieving short-term goals.
  • Ensuring that the delivered product meets business needs.


As a product manager, you have a lot of responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert in all of those. The agile product manager should be an expert in the product management field. He should also have the ability to understand the business environment and also fulfill the client’s needs.

The agile PM has to have a deep understanding of the business areas and their target markets.



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