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Agile Methodology: Complete step by step process

An agile methodology is a popular approach to software development. It focuses on teams working in short cycles, with constant feedback from the customers. That’s why many IT companies are now using Agile development as it increased the reliability of the results and the overall end-user satisfaction.

Agile is an approach where the customer and the development team will work closely together. They use iterative and incremental methods to develop business applications, software, or any system.

Agile methodology is a framework for developing products and services incrementally and frequently.

It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement. This also requires the ability to quickly incorporate new ideas as well as a worker’s responsibility for the quality of his work.

What is Agile methodology?

Agile methodology is one of the most important methodological frameworks used by software teams. There are many processes involved while working with agile. Every process has its importance during each phase.

Agile methodology is one of the best practices you will ever try. This framework allows for developing and sustaining any organization. However, It also empowers teams and individuals to do great work, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Agile methodology has been gaining its importance and rapidly adopted by organizations over the last decade. There are few agile aspects that can help you to improve your software development process. These include;

  • Problem-solving
  • Continuous integrations
  • Flexibility and rapid feedback
  • Incremental and iterative development
  • Close collaboration with team members

Stages of Agile methodology

1. Find out the problem

It all starts with the problem. Not solutions, not strategies. But the problem. You figure out what people need and want? What customer is expecting from the end results? What is the purpose of the product? You ask a lot of questions to uncover the real problem about the product.

2. Choose team members

The team is the heart of agile that creates a culture and environment where people can do their best work. Therefore, in this stage, you need to choose team members who are capable of solving the problem.

Selecting the right team is also a very important step. At this point, you outline who needs to be involved? what each team member’s role is in resolving the problem?

3. Brainstorm the ideas

Agile teams are made up of individuals who may not have expertise in a project area. But they are able to contribute as a whole.

This stage is all about brainstorming, generating ideas, and making decisions together. So, you can come up with a solution that is acceptable for all stakeholders in a project.

4. Planning sprints and daily meetings

Planning sprints and daily meetings are the fourth of the agile methodology. From the end of the sprint, a plan is made for the next sprint.

Planning sprints and daily meetings are very important aspects of agile methodology. Because the team meets to discuss the tasks for a particular Sprints. You also identify roadblocks that may be encountered during this cycle.



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